Interview Everyone.

28 Nov

Interviewing is something that will always come up in your job as a journalist.  Interviewing is one of the major ways you will gather information for research. Interviews will be a key portion of what makes your story.

Interviewing takes practice. It isn’t something you will master right off the bat.

People think interviewing is easy, but it isn’t. You have to know who to talk to and what to ask. You need to decide what the news is and then you need to ask questions that will help you build a story around that news.

It’s important to make the interviewee feel comfortable, but it is also important for the interviewer to remain professional and confident.

According to, “If you show your ignorance, you lose credibility and risk being ridiculed.”

Do your research prior to your interview. Get to know who your subject is.

Avoid yes-or-no questions. These will not give you enough juice for a story. Ask questions that involve a story and let your subject tell that story. Your job is to listen.

Ask questions that get to the heart of the news. Don’t waste the interviewee’s time or your own because gathering useless information will also waste your readers’ time.

As stated by the Journalism – Learning the Trade blog, “Interviewing skills can be learnt, but like everything, experience is the key.”


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