Research Your Way to the Front Page!

28 Nov

One of the most important skills for a journalist to master is the ability to do thorough research. Since no one is ingrained with knowledge on every topic, research will almost always be inevitable when it comes to writing as a professional journalist.

According to a WordPress blog about learning the trade of journalism, good research is about “knowing where and how to find information.” Just because you spend hours searching the Internet or scouring books doesn’t mean you’re finding all (or any) of the right answers.

The bottom line is you will not sound credible without the proper sources and/or research. People won’t believe what you have to say and you will most likely make yourself sound ignorant.

You must know who to talk to, what to read and what to write down.

You will sound like you know what you’re talking about if you have the right research information and your work will be believable.


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