Know Your Audience.

29 Nov

One of the biggest mistakes a journalist can make is writing an article without knowing the audience to whom he or she is writing.

In order to choose what tone or attitude you should incorporate in your writing you need to know who will most likely be reading it. If your writing is more serious and professional, you probably wouldn’t want to write it in a casual tone. Demographics are key.

You also need to know how your audience is seeking news.

People seek news information in a multitude of ways. Some people read newspapers, some people strictly browse the Internet and so forth.

Mindy McAdams, journalist and journalism educator, believes when writing for those people who strictly use the Internet for their news it is important to consider how much time they spend online, what they consider to be important news and how much of their time online is spent on news.

It’s also important to consider the age group of your typical readers. If you’re a journalist for Seventeen Magazine you probably won’t be writing with a tone or attitude that would be better fit for a more mature audience.

Taking all of these things into consideration will please your audience by showing you consideration and respect for them.


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